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Who is my friend? A social networking lesson

First published 3rd November 2011

What impact does social networking have on our self worth and relationships? How can social networks enhance our lives, and what boundaries need to be set to keep us safe and build healthy relationships?

Bristol West Dinner and Promises Auction raises over £2000 for Deanery Link

First published 20th October 2011

Ricky Winn writes that the Bristol West Deanery Link had a wonderful evening and wants to thank all those who supported the event at All Saints, Clifton on Friday 14th November or gave auction promises.

This is not just about Jimmy Savile and his posthumous reputation

First published 19th October 2011

I must say I have found it very difficult to understand those who call in on radio phone-ins to voice their displeasure at those who have come out and spoken of their abusive experiences in the Jimmy Savile scandal.

After the riots (6)... a time to act

First published 30th September 2011

In the final article in our After the riots series, City Canon, Tim Higgins, issues a rallying cry to the local church.

After the riots (5)... what about wealth?

First published 26th September 2011

In the penultimate article of our After the riots series, Simon Topping challenges us to step back and be challenged by the radical notions in the Gospel of justice.

After the riots (4)... love thy neighbour

First published 19th September 2011

In the fourth of our "After the riots" series of articles, Simon Bale, one of the Diocese's Social Responsibility Officers who is part of the ISR team, argues for the role of the Church in healing our neighbourhoods.

Faith and worship at St Mary Redcliffe and Temple School

First published 14th September 2011

St Mary Redcliffe and Temple School have launched anew website which includes a compelling summary and presentation about the role of faith and worship in their school life.

After the riots (3)... in the riot van

First published 12th September 2011

In the third of our "After the riots" series, Andy Paget, the senior police chaplain to Avon & Somerset Police reflects on the role of a chaplain in the middle of the riots conflict.

After the riots (2)... what young people think

First published 4th September 2011

In the second of our "After the riots" series, Jim Davis of the Children's Society reflects on the differing responses of young people... and adults.

After the riots (1)... the Church's response?

First published 2nd September 2011

The riots in early August led people to ask fundamental questions about our society and culture. As a Church, how do we respond?

Introduction: After the riots...

First published 1st September 2011

When rioting and looting ignited in London on 6 August and swept across England for almost four days, the nation and wider world stopped in shock to ask what was going on in our society.

Bristol NW Foodbank meets physical and spiritual needs

First published 31st August 2011

With Harvest approaching, one woman's initiative in setting up a "foodbank" in north-west Bristol embodies God's spiritual and physical provision.

Martyrs' Day

First published 19th July 2011

On visits to Uganda, I find that I can give as much energy as required if I can have a rest day now and again. Such a day was planned for June 3rd.

The incident of the mud in the night!

First published 19th July 2011

Stuart Taylor recently returned from Uganda after a trip to the Diocese of Northern Ugandawith Kate Welham from Red Maid's School in Bristol.

Jimmy Rocks, an evangelist at heart

First published 13th July 2011

Jimmy Rocks is an Ordained Pioneer Minister at St Michael's Stoke Gifford and is motivated by a desire that others may come to know Jesus Christ as he did.

Come to us, or go to them?

First published 12th July 2011

Here's an excellent video for your youth group.

Creative play with the Scrapstore Playpod in Pucklechurch

First published 5th July 2011

The Scrapstore Playpod has revolutionised play at Pucklechurch Primary School. It essentially allows them to use manufacturing offcuts such as tubes, nets and hoops in their creative play.

Spiritual leadership

First published 27th June 2011

This presentation was given by Revd Canon David Hoyle at the Diocese's Headteachers' Conference on 6 May 2011.

Creative prayer ideas

First published 26th June 2011

Are you in need of ideas for making prayer time during all-age services and children's work more engaging?

Review of Education Capital - Sebastian James Report

First published 15th May 2011

This Review was commissioned by the Secretary of State for Education in 2010. It was led by Sebastian James, the Director of Operations for Dixons plc.

St. Chad's Patchway wins Church School Award

First published 15th May 2011

We are extremely proud to announce that St. Chad's Patchway C. of E. Primary School in South Gloucestershire has been named as Wales and West Regional Winner of the Church School Awards 2011!"

The Lord's Prayer

First published 15th April 2011

These two PowerPoints present the Lord's Prayer, one traditional and the other a modern take on Jesus's words in Luke 11:1-4.

Gospel reflection

First published 14th April 2011

This reflective podcast for young people was recorded for Clifton Diocese in Lent 2011. It is based on John 5.

An all-age Easter talk

First published 13th April 2011

An inclusive All-age Easter talk involving children and young people...Buy some plastic Easter Eggs - the kind that open so that you can put things inside.

10 ideas for rethinking Sunday School with youth

First published 29th March 2011

This is a challenging article from the wonderful RETHINKING YOUTH MINISTRY.

RIP Rev Phoebe Mutabaazi

First published 21st March 2011

Bristol Diocese extends its love and sympathy to the family of Rev Phoebe Mutabaazi after her sudden death on Friday 11th March 2011.Faithful to the end she was involved in work at the Cathedral offices when she was taken ill and sadly passed away be

Kingswood churches launch Bristol's first Street Pastors

First published 22nd February 2011

Members of churches in Kingswood are preparing to train as Street Pastors in order to care for others, especially young people, who find themselves in need of help in the town centre late at night.

Bishop Mike explores Fairtrade in Uganda

First published 6th February 2011

Bishop Mike visited a Ugandan tea plantation to discover what difference Fairtrade might make in developing countries.

Mission through partnership in East Bristol

First published 5th February 2011

Revd Trevor Denley, an Ordained Local Minister in the East Bristol Partnership, gives an account of an Anglican and a Methodist Church working together in mission.

“Mixed economy” yields growth in Almondsbury

First published 4th February 2011

As part of our Growth in Numbers series, Revd Philip Rowe tells how a "mixed economy" approach in Almondsbury, north of Bristol, has seen more people engaging in the life of the church.

A policy for Relationships and Sex Education

First published 4th February 2011

This is a sample policy about Relationships and Sex Education which Church Schools can take and adapt.

St Stephen's reveals Reconciliation Reredos

First published 1st February 2011

On Friday 21st January a piece of art history and hope for the future was unveiled in St Stephens Church, Bristol, with the Reconciliation Reredos.

Primates meeting respond to the murder of David Kato and the ongoing troubles affecting the Anglican

First published 1st February 2011

The Primates meeting in Dublin has issued a joint statement in response to the death of Ugandan, David Kato.

Fair Trade in Bristol

First published 24th January 2011

Big Swish, Oxfam Clothes Swap.

Election of new bishops for the diocese of Ruwenzori and West Buganda

First published 17th January 2011

Article reprinted from the Church of Uganda Website, photographs by Walter Dirks The House of Bishops, sitting on November 5, 2010 elected Rev. Canon Geoffrey Makumbi and Rev. Reuben Kisembo as Bishops of West Buganda and Ruwenzori respectively.

The Future of Partnership - Report on the Partnership for World Mission Conference (PWM) held at Swa

First published 10th January 2011

Over 90 representatives attended, most of them from Anglican dioceses, mission agencies and overseas churches. The theme of the conference, The Future of Partnership was introduced by the chairman of PWM, the Rt Rev Mike Hill, Bishop of Bristol.

New Bishop for Rwenzori announced

First published 6th November 2010

The House of Bishops in Uganda appointed Revd Reuben Kisembo to be the next Bishop of Rwenzori to succeed Bishop Patrick Kyaligonza.

Celebrating festivals

First published 12th September 2010

What happens when Year 6 students feel that they have heard the same story, the same way, every year at festival time?

Anne Frank teaching material

First published 12th September 2010

We have produced a range of lesson plans on the theme of Why did Anne Frank go into hiding?

The environment and religious beliefs

First published 31st August 2010

Here are some resources to help consider questions about the environment and a variety of religious beliefs.

Beyond the grave

First published 31st August 2010

Here are two resources to help consider the topic of death and what Christians believe happens after death.

Changing poverty and injustice

First published 31st August 2010

Here is some KS2 material which can be used to prompt discussion about poverty and injustice, and how and why Christians address these issues.

Creative curriculum planning

First published 31st August 2010

Here are some tools to help with the planning of your RE lessons for Key Stages 1 and 2, connecting them with themes which will span the whole curriculum.

Good news from Bishops Conference in Uganda

First published 31st August 2010

Read a helpful and informative articlefrom the Anglican Communion News Service about the recent conference of bishops from across Africa that met in Uganda.

Poor yet rich

First published 31st August 2010

Bruce Clifford spent July in Uganda as an ordinand on a church placement that was facilitated by our Diocesan link. Here he reflects on his experiences.How can we help make poverty history in Uganda?

City Deanery tree planters in West Buganda

First published 19th August 2010

From left to right:Dave Matthews, Clare Hayes,Andrew Hyde, Natalie Berry, Joanna Hyde, Rev Susan Allman and Catherine Forman.

Home town boy, James Ssebaggala, becomes new Bishop of Mukono

First published 19th August 2010

Born, bred, schooled, married, re-schooled and working in Mukono District. Most of James' life has revolved around the Diocese of Mukono.

Important news from Christian Aid

First published 22nd July 2010

Join thousands of others to have your say on Global Poverty and Climate Change.

New Bishop of Ankole Consecrated

First published 21st July 2010

Bishop Frederick Sheldon Mwesigwawas consecrated as the new bishop of Ankole Diocese on the 18th July, 2010.

Latest Global Community Links News

First published 19th July 2010

Planning a link visit that will have a development dimension? Hoping to organise a project through your link that will educate people about world development issues / poverty, etc.?

Sad news from Uganda

First published 15th July 2010

UCU members caught up in blast.

New Bishop for Mukono Diocese

First published 5th July 2010

Praise to our Saviour Jesus Christ our Lord.Rev. Canon James William Ssebaggala Walusimbi has been elected the next Diocesan Bishop of the Diocese of Mukono.

Leighton Carr, From House Builder to Church Builder

First published 1st July 2010

Leighton Carr, Architect, seeker, teacher, designer, problem solver, imaginer, communicator and now ...Priest in the Church of England.

Matt Trendall, from rat race to a different reality

First published 30th June 2010

Matt Trendall felt some sort of calling to ministry aged 21 but had a strong desire to go out into the real world first.

Alice Kemp, life in all its fullness

First published 30th June 2010

Alice Kemp has had a challenging few years juggling training for ministry with caring for her disabled son and running a small business.

Steve Wilkinson, out of the comfort zone

First published 30th June 2010

Steve Wilkinson knows what it is like to live a life where he is consistently challenged to step out of his comfort zone.

Ruan Crew, Bristol student comes home

First published 30th June 2010

Graduating from Bristol University he spent two years English teaching and Evangelism in Poland, followed by a move to the Netherlands with Dutch

Martin Gainsborough, From Vietnam to Barton Hill, university lecturer prepares for ordination

First published 30th June 2010

Martin Gainsborough lectures in Politics at Bristol University, with a special interest is Vietnamese politics.

Martin Gordon, A life lived in community

First published 30th June 2010

There are a number of different perspectives from which ordination can be approached, and here Martin Gordon, who has worked in politics and international development, gives us an insight into the way his belief in community has underpinned his path to ordination.

Bristol Diocese and Masindi Kitara form new Link ...

First published 29th June 2010

June 2010 marked the first exchanges in our new link with the Diocese of Masindi Kitara when Jackie Waters-Dewhurst hosted Bishop Stanley Ntagali at All Saints Centre.

Shirley Danby

First published 29th June 2010

Shirley Danby was ordained deacon in July 2009 and will be priested on 3 July 2010. She serves as a curate in the Upper Thames Group of parishes in North Wiltshire.

Tanya Lord

First published 22nd June 2010

Tanya Lord was ordained Deacon in 2009 and priest in July 2010. She is curate of St Matthew and St Nathanael, Kingsdown.

Caroline Yandell

First published 22nd June 2010

Caroline Yandell was ordained Deacon in 2009 and priested in 2010. She is currently serving her curacy in Henleaze.

Jo Northey

First published 22nd June 2010

Jo Northey was ordained Deacon in July 2009 and priested in 2010. She is curate at Christ Church Swindon.

Hilary Blancharde

First published 22nd June 2010

Hilary Blancharde was ordained Deacon in 2009 and priested in July 2010. She is curate of Holy Trinity Horfield.

Erica Bebb

First published 22nd June 2010

Erica Bebb was ordained Deacon in July 2009 and priested on 3 July 2010. She is a curate at Sea Mills. Here she reflects gratefully on the opportunity for ordination.

Lee Barnes

First published 22nd June 2010

Lee Barnes was ordained Deacon in 2009 and ordained Priest a year later. He is a curate at Malmesbury.

Q&A with David Hoyle, new Dean of Bristol

First published 7th June 2010

"What would my super power be? I sing like a walrus, I want to sing like an angel."

Hearing God's call, Chris Owen's and Helen Baber's stories

First published 11th May 2010

Each year, dozens of people in the Diocese of Bristol are putting themselves forward for ordination or Licensed Lay Ministry.

Lessons from Uganda by Simon Stevenette

First published 1st March 2010

In January 2010 four people from Bristol Diocese spent two weeks in Uganda exploring their own calling in the context of ministry in Uganda.

Perpetua Gimadu remembered

First published 22nd February 2010

In June 2009 Bishop Lee Rayfield and Rev Chris Dobson were privileged to stay with Maama Perpetua and Bishop Daniel Gimadu in their home.

The life and times of Bishop Patrick Kyaligonza

First published 22nd February 2010

By Raymond BagumaThe world is a stage, and all men mere players, Shakespeare once said. But nobody foresaw that the Rev. Canon Patrick Kyaligonzas part in the script of life would end sooner than later.

Rwenzori Diocese Bishop killed in road accident

First published 11th February 2010

(Article reproduced from Anglican Mainstream website) Bishop Patrick Kyaligonza was killed in a road crash this week. His wife Rose has been injured.

New Bishop Elect for Ankole Diocese

First published 25th January 2010

Rev. Dr Sheldon Mwesigwa has been elected as the new Bishop of Ankole to replace the outgoing Bishop, the Rt Rev George Tibeesigwa.

Northern Uganda gets a new Bishop

First published 4th January 2010

St Philips Cathedral was abuzz with preparations for many days before the big event.An outdoor podium was reconstructed; the Cathedral roof was painted; the surrounding houses were spruced up and a lot of garden.

The Container is at its last resting place!

First published 4th January 2010

It is always wise to have someone local with you when you try to find a bus at a Ugandan bus park.

Training Clergy, Changing Lives

First published 17th December 2009

Rev Herbert Beegumanya graduated in June 2009 with an upper second class honours degree from Uganda Christian University.

Barrie Green

First published 30th November 2009

Barrie Green was licensed as Priest-in-Charge of St Pauls Parish in Bristol on Sunday 1st November.

Canon Nick Hay

First published 30th November 2009

Nick Hay was one of a number of clergy starting new roles in the Diocese over November 2009.

Christian Aid News

First published 10th November 2009

Christian Aid - Christmas AppealIm contacting you to let you know about some excellent resources we have for Advent and Christmas this year in the hope that they could be highlighted in your churches and other networks.

Bristol and Swindon Blue Wave

First published 13th October 2009

Join the national rally to encourage our leaders to take seriously the challenges posed by Climate Change when they meet in Copenhagen in December.

Daphne Hardwick writes from Uganda ...

First published 13th October 2009

You can follow all Daphne's updates here. Crossing the lineI arrived here in West Ankole last Wednesday having crossed the Equator en route.

All aboard for Kitgum

First published 14th September 2009

Article written by Ricky Winn of Bristol West Deanery Uganda Link. A great opportunity arose in July when Clare Jefferies, a teacher at Nailsea School, Somerset let us know that her school was being completely rebuilt.

Latest update on the Kitgum Container

First published 1st September 2009

I thought that your parishes may like to know that the 8000 raised from 6 parishes and individuals has enabled us to send a 40Ft container to two church schools in Kitgum, one of which is the Janani Luwum Memorial school, 20 kms north of Kitgum.

Consecration of new cathedral for West Buganda

First published 24th August 2009

The official opening of the new cathedral at Kako is on Sunday 30.8.09.

Message from Mbale Diocese

First published 24th August 2009

Dear friends,Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.We as a Diocese, are very much suddened to learn of the death of Father John Bradley.

Food shortages hit Northern Uganda

First published 20th August 2009

According to an IRIN report of18 August 2009a prolonged drought is hitting 17 districts in the North, North East and North West of Uganda.

Message from North Mbale

First published 19th August 2009

Dear Chris, We have learnt with shock the demise of our Bro. John Bradley but also due to the fact he was in the Lord's Ministry, we believe God has called him to himself for a divine purpose.

Father John Bradley

First published 17th August 2009

We have been deeply saddened by the news of the sudden death of Father John Bradley on Wednesday 12th August, one of the assistant priests at Westbury-on-Trym Parish Church; he will be greatly missed. His funeral will be held on Wednesday 2nd Septemb

New Bishop elected for Northern Uganda

First published 13th August 2009

The following is an extract from the website of the Diocese of Northern Uganda.

Container on it's way to Uganda

First published 10th August 2009

This month Bristol West Deanery will be packing a container with school equipment, desks, chairs, screens, computers, all you need to run a school and sending it out to Kitgum in Northern Uganda.

Mission in West Buganda

First published 10th August 2009

Romans gives us an insight into a convention at Kako in West Buganda Diocese which he attended with Tabitha Ddembe and Amy a young woman from the UK.

A life well lived ...

First published 24th July 2009

It is with sad, but grateful hearts that we received the following message from the Diocese of Northern Uganda."From Rev. Willy AkenaChristian greetings from the Diocese of Northern Uganda is the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Latest news from Swindon Deanery

First published 20th July 2009

Since our return from Uganda Chris Hawkes and I have been actively developing links between our local schools and schools in Uganda.

Visitors from Uganda to St Mary Redcliffe and Temple School

First published 6th July 2009

SMRT has recently come through that they have received funding grants to allow two teachers and two pupils from their link school in Ikoba to come over and visit Bristol in September 2009.

Breaking new ground ... report from the City Deanery

First published 6th July 2009

Arrival of Revd. Romans Serunjogi, Mission Co-ordinator for Central Buganda Diocese to stay in the East Bristol Partnership for two weeks.

Visit of Canon Edidah Mary to Bristol Diocese

First published 26th June 2009

Bristol Diocese Mothers' Union is linked with West Ankole in Uganda so it was with great pleasure that we welcomed Canon Edidah Mary in June.

Over £2,000 raised for our Links, thank you!

First published 19th June 2009

Thank you to all those generous givers who have supported the work of the Diocesan Link during the week of celebrations.

Commemorative Banner to celebrate 40 years of the link

First published 10th June 2009

Many thanks go to Mrs Joan Hawkins and the banner group from St Mary's Church, Almondsbury, who made this wonderful banner to commemorate our 40 years of partnership.

Our hearts were full of joy ...

First published 10th June 2009

North Wiltshire - Kigezi Link: 40th Celebrations remembered by Jane GibbsFrom the moment that our visitor, Canon Stanley, arrived at Heathrow he was a friend and a most rewarding person to introduce round the Deanery.

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