Giving Resources

There are many fantastic resources available to help you in your stewardship work. We recommend that your PCC undertakes a Giving Review annually and you'll find one below. We also recommend that churches thank givers for their generosity and encourage the congregation to review their giving every year, and run a broader stewardship campaign at least every three years. There are various stewardship campaigns to choose from. 

The National Church produces resources that will help you too, including resources to help you run a "Generosity Week".

Do you have materials you could share? We would like to gather more resources for the "Teaching on giving" section - so please send us any materials you have produced.

Do you have a fundraising appeal coming up? Read our Top tips on how to use your Church Fundraising Handbook - every church in our diocese has been given their own copy.

Is there a resource missing that you would find useful? Let us know & we'll add it to this page.

*NEW* Giving Review

This Giving Review is designed to help your PCC consider what actions will be most useful with regards to Giving and Stewardship. There is a set of simple discussion questions to review the principles of giving in your church, and simple questionnaire to review the practicalities. Once you have done these, you will be in a great position to decide your priorities.

Download it here.

or a word document version is available here.


*NEW* Generosity Week Resources 

The National Church Giving team have been working on Generosity Week resources which can be used at any time, although there is also a differently branded version that can be used at harvest: Harvest week resources

*NEW* Generosity Fika

A Fika is a Swedish word, broadly translated as 'coffee, cake and a chat'. Similar to the Journey of Generosity below, these sessions are designed as informal, small group discussions to explore generosity through the lens of Christian discipleship.

Through short films, reflections and discussion we can be inspired and encouraged to live more generous lives.

You can download discussion guides, a facilitators guide, and a reflections booklet

Giving in Grace & Rural Giving Programmes

Giving in Grace is a tried and tested stewardship programme, with a proven track record in significantly increasing giving to the local church and in sustaining that increase. The materials take you through a simple but robust planning process, combining core elements of the programme with optional resources customised to the specific needs of your church.

Find out more about Giving in Grace

Unsure where to start? Take a look at this comprehensive checklist that walks you through the process of planning a stewardship campaign.

The Simple Giving Programme is a similar resource, but aimed at smaller & rural churches. It has a particular focus on engaging the wider community in your town or village, and encouraging those on the 'fringe' to support the work of your church.

Find out more about the Simple Giving Programme

Journey of Generosity

The Journey of Generosity is a day-long retreat for planned givers to take the next step and explore generosity as part of their discipleship. 

The programme resources churches who already teach stewardship regularly, but would benefit from more deeply exploring biblical generosity and living ‘the life that is truly life’ (1 Tim 6:19).

The retreat can be facilitated by individual churches or by the Diocesan Support Services team.

Find out more:

Teaching on Giving and service resources

The National Church have now collected together a number of resources on building a generous church - this is well worth exploring.

The Good Giving Guide is a teaching resource developed by Bishop Mike (previously Bishop of Bristol) to help churches face the resource challenge of modern ministry. The material aims to assist churches fund their local vision. You can download sermon notes and a PowerPoint presentation here:
The Good Giving Guide presentation
The Good Giving Guide Sermon notes

The Giving for Life website offers further accompanying talks and material

The Diocese of Gloucester have said all are welcome to make use of their Giving Toolbox resources.

The Diocese of York have also got some excellent liturgical resources that they would be glad for all to use.

Do you have other sermons/presentations on giving that you would be happy to share? Please send them to us!

Giving resources for Children and Youth

In today's world of online giving by standing order or direct debit, giving can be very invisible. So how are we passing on a culture of giving to our children?

Families at St John's Haydon Wick have a 'giving jar' and are encouraged to add coins to the jar each family mealtime as a visible and tangible way of giving thanks. Once a year all the money is collected up and given to the charity that the church is supporting.

Here are some other resources that might help.
Messy Church Messy Money resource for church

Messy Church Messy Money resource for at home

The 40 acts of stewardship website has some great family resources, including a downloadable wallchart.

The Giving in Grace website also has some great resources for young people.


Resources for giving this Christmas
We’ve put together some resources that may help your church welcome donations over Advent and Christmas this year

Contactless Christmas

We’ve all seen the increase of contactless, especially since Covid, and it’s important to extend this to those who may want to give to our churches. 

  • QR codes offer a truly contactless and quick way for people with smartphones to give to your church. 
  • If you have a contactless device, set up a Christmas ‘campaign’. A step-by-step walk through of how to do this with GiveALittle / Sum Up is here.
  • If you haven’t yet set up your Online Giving Page through the Parish Giving Scheme (PGS), now is the time to do so. 
  • Don’t forget to share a link to your online giving page, whether through the PGS or on your website, including via your social media channels.

‘At the heart of Christmas’ customisable materials

The CofE has produced packs of giving postcards and posters that you can download and customise for your church, including an option to add a QR code to take people to your online giving page. Check out the free downloadable (and purchasable printed) materials here.

Customise a Christmas giving animation

Using the video generator on A Church Near You (ACNY) Resource Hub, you can customise an animated video that encourages people to give to your church this Christmas. You can also share this video on your social media channels and during services to help promote online giving to your parish.

You can find more information about stewardship and giving here.


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