Parish Share

Encouraging Generosity

Parish Share is the common pot of money used to support ministry and mission in each parish across the Diocese of Bristol. By giving through Parish Share, every church is sharing in providing vital ministry in every community, even those that might not otherwise be able to afford it. This is a wonderful example of God's love in action through the church. The recent Parish Share survey showed a real heart for supporting our less-affluent communitiies.

The 2023 Parish Share requests are responding to parishes asking for more open and transparent calculations. Since it is some time since we last reviewed Parish Share, some parishes have a calculation that is some way above or below their previous requests. We are asking parishes whose calculation has dropped to remain generous, as their support is greatly needed. We are also providing transitional support for parishes whose calculation has increased, to give them time to reach the level of the new request. Please do make use of the support and the resources that the stewardship team can provide.

While finances are a struggle for many, we wnat to show bravery, and have faith that God will provide all we need for His mission through the generosity of his people.

Resources for you

  • Every parish has been sent a Parish Share poster which you can display in your church. If you wish to print at a different size you can download it here.
  • You should have received a Parish Share booklet, which you can also download here.
  • This video tells two stories of the impact of Parish Share - in two very different parishes, and has a message from Archdeacon Christopher on behalf of both Archdeacons (Archdeacon Neil was on holiday). It's about six minutes long.


To further answer questions about Parish Share this year, we held an online seminar. The recording has a presentation for about 20 minutes, and then 20 minutes of Q&A, so you may just wish to watch the first half. If you want to present to your PCC, you may wish to use the slides.

The in-person sessions were cancelled as everyone wanted to attend the zoom session instead, but we very much welcome queries.

What can you do?

Your Parish Share request holds more information about the context and expectation of your individual parish.

  • Prayerfully discuss your Parish Share request as a PCC, considering what it means for you to give generously to our shared ministry. This year, we are asking every parish to also send a short message of encouragement with their response, that can be shared with other parishes. It is also a lovely encouragement to us as a stewardship team, as we read your emails.
  • Contact Naomi Buckler your Giving and Resources Adviser, if you'd like to discuss stewardship or Parish Share issues in your parish's context. Email or call 0117 906 0100. (Clare Fussell is currently on maternity leave)
  • Send in your own Celebrating Generosity story - we want to celebrate God's goodness to us, whether it is a story of generosity given, or generosity received. Generosity is one of our values as the Diocese of Bristol - so let's hear your stories!

How is the Diocese funded?

The Bristol Diocesan Board of Finance (BDBF) stewards a major proportion of the overall resources generated and spent on mission and ministry through our churches, schools and partners.

The BDBF funds clergy, support and training for parishes, ministers and schools and our responsibilities to the national Church of England.

For an informative guide about where church funding comes from, click here.

Click to view a visual representation of the Cost of Ministry
Click to download  (note this is from 2018 but the overall split is broadly the same)
Diocesan budgets and accounts

2022 Bristol DBF Budget download

2021 Bristol DBF Budget download

2020 Bristol DBF Budget download

2019 Bristol DBF Budget download

2019 Bristol DBF Annual Report & Financial Statements download

2018 Bristol DBF Budget download

2018 Bristol DBF Annual Report & Financial Statements download


The videos below explain the theology behind Parish Share, how the Diocesan Support Services make us stronger together, a few things that Parish Share supports and how the Diocese is funded. They are a few years old now, but still worth watching.



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