Ministerial Support

Ministers – ordained and lay – experience particular joys in their roles but also particular demands. The calling to represent the wider church, the care of others, and the need to balance our families and wider life with our ministry can all add pressure.

In the ordination of deacons and priests and the licensing of LLMs, all ministers are called to ‘be diligent in prayer, in reading Holy Scripture, and in all studies that will deepen your faith and fit you to bear witness to the truth of the gospel’. All ministers are called to fashion their lives according to the way of Christ, all are called to work with their colleagues, and all are called to be instruments of Christ’s love in the world. These callings mean that we need to take time to listen to God regularly through prayer and study. We need to be reflective on our own lives and what we communicate to others in word and deed. Sometimes we need to seek help when we face difficult situations.

Ministers should therefore be regularly taking retreats and time out to pray in whatever form suits them best. It is often helpful to have a spiritual director or accompanier. Helpful information can be found at Retreats for ministers - Diocese of Bristol ( and Spirituality and Spiritual Direction - Diocese of Bristol (

Making Peace with Conflict is run regularly by the Mission and Ministry Support team. Please see Dealing with conflict - Diocese of Bristol ( . Courses in Mental Health First Aid are also available.

Remember that the Area Dean, Archdeacon or Adviser for Clergy Development may be a source of advice and support for clergy. For LLMs, their incumbent is usually the first person to ask, but the Deanery Subwarden, Area Dean or  Warden of Readers are also available.

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