Church buildings

Churches and church halls are managed by the local PCC. Before making any alterations or repairs to the church, parishes need to contact the DAC (Diocesan Advisory Committee). The DAC can also offer advice on any buildings related issues and has issued many advice documents which can be downloaded below.

Making an application

All applications for faculties are made through the online system at

Before making an application please refer to the following guidance as well as the guidance downloads further below:
Matters not requiring faculty from April 2020 - Lists A & B’

Public notices in the time of Covid-19

All churches are closed by order of the Archbishops dated 23 March 2020 and to comply with the requirements of the Coronavirus Act 2020.

It is therefore not possible or practical for public notices to be displayed within church buildings.

Therefore, pursuant to Faculty Jurisdiction Rules 2015 rule 6.7(1)(b), until further notice the Diocesan Chancellor, The Revd Justin Gau, has dispensed with the requirement of displaying a public notice within the church in relation to any faculty application submitted after 23 March 2020.

However, so that interested parties are still made aware of any proposed faculty applications the Chancellor has issued the following directions:

1.The public notice must be displayed outside the church and in accordance with the social distancing rules issued by HM Government.

2.The public notice must be displayed on any church or parish Facebook group, church or parish Instagram account, church or parish Twitter account, church or parish WhatsApp group or any other social media (electronic or otherwise) used by the church.

3.At the end of the public notice period the petitioners are to confirm in writing that they are not aware of any potential objections which have been or might have been triggered by the giving of the public notice.

A full copy of the Chancellor’s directions can be found here.

Articles worth reading

'Changing Churches' by John Trustcott, first published in Maintenance & Equipment News for Churches and Schools Spring 2019 issue celebrating its 60th anniversary year of publishing.

'Building project preparations by John Trustcott, first published in Maintenance & Equipment News for Churches and Schools.These notes are designed to start you off on a building project by asking the right questions before you appoint an architect. 

ChurchCare offers guidance and advice on the day-to-day maintenance of your church and on how to go about making changes to your building, please go to advice and guidance for church buildings website to find out more.

Guidance from the DAC






Historic England GUIDANCE

  • Historic England recently published new GUIDANCE ON LIGHTING PROTECTION, which provides advice on the design, installation and maintenance of lightning protection systems for architects, surveyors, engineers and others involved in the care of historic buildings. Please follow this link to open the document: GUIDANCE ON LIGHTING PROTECTION