Transforming Church. Together

The Church of England in our region is shaping a new vision and set of priorities for the coming years. We want to understand what we do well, what we can change for the better and create a positive way forward together.  This is called Transforming Church. Together and was started in January 2021.

We have invited everyone in the region to join the conversation about our future direction.

We have been committed to listening to voices that we don’t often hear. During February–April 2021, we held an open conversation across the diocese, and the findings from our questionnaire and workshops can be found here

We are now using this feedback to finalise a new vision and priorities for the diocese, which we will launch here in autumn 2021. We will then develop a plan for implementing them next year.

Thank you to everyone who has completed our questionnaire, taken part in our workshops, shared our communications, and helped us to shape our future so far.

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