Giving to the Diocese of Bristol

Much of our work isn’t possible without the generosity of our parishioners and the wider community. We recognise that many may be in difficult financial positions, and there is no expectation to give where you are unable to do so. We are very grateful for every donation we receive, great or small. 

Our good work couldn’t be done without you

Your donation helps us support our parishes and play key roles within our communities. They also fund projects we are supporting and those in the community who are the most vulnerable.  Donations also help us support those parishes that are in the most need and help us be there for you at key moments in your life such as baptisms weddings and funerals as well as celebrations such as Christmas and Easter. 

Why should I donate to the Diocese of Bristol? What about my own church?

The vast majority of our raised funds is used to support the needs of our clergy and local communities. In addition to supporting the costs of ministry and looking after our clergy's homes, we also resource safeguarding, funding and mission in your parish. All of the money you donate to the Diocese of Bristol will be invested back into your community, strengthening your church both now and into the future.

Help us here

You can donate by following this link and filling out a form using our Charity Number below.

Our Registered Charity Number is 248502 

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