Ordained ministry

At some point in your Christian journey, you may feel a sense that God is calling you toward ordained ministry. 

This is an exciting moment for many people but it is also a very serious one committing oneself to a particular role or ministry will inevitably mean sacrificing time and effort in order to train and live out the ministry God has called you to. 

The Church of England ordains priests who are called to shepherd and lead people in their worship of God and mission to the world. They do this through a ministry of word and sacrament. 

Information Evenings

If you are interested in either ordained or Licensed Lay Ministry, please talk first with your vicar or chaplain and then, if appropriate, come along to one of our information evenings to find out more. Please contact mindevadmin@bristoldiocese.org to find out when the next 'Am I called to be ordained' event is.


Could God be calling you to ordained ministry?

Click on the images below to read about people who have followed God's call on their lives:

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