How do I discern my calling?

What is God calling you to do with the gifts, skills and experience that he has placed into your hands today? We are all called to faithfully love God and love our neighbour, but each person is called to live this out in a unique way. To begin to discern what your particular call might be, start by answering the following questions:

  • What are the skills and gifts I most delight in using?
  • Where am I, physically, emotionally, relationally?
  • What does God need doing here and now that I would be good at doing?
  • What have other people affirmed me in?

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Vocations Advisors are available to meet with you to help you discern what God's call might be.
If you would like to speak with someone, please contact the Adviser for Ordinands and Vocations (DDO) for an initial conversation.

Licensed and ordained ministry

The Church of England notices many different types of vocations, including relational, social and ministerial. Our relational vocation includes God’s call for us to be in particular relationships (for example caring for children or people; or marriage or celibacy). We may also be called to a social vocation where we have a particular place or role in the wider community or workplace, allowing God to use us in these roles. At some point in your Christian journey, you may feel that God is calling you to use the gifts and skills which he has given you in a more public way in the church or the world.

The Church of England licences Lay Ministers and ordains priests. Lay Ministers encourage links between the church and the world by teaching the faith, enabling mission and leading in church and society. They work with priests to help the church to grow in faith which affects everyday life. Ordained priests have a more representative role. They are called to shepherd and lead God’s people in their worship of God and mission to the world. They do this through a ministry of word and sacrament. 

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Information Evenings

If you are interested in either ordained or licensed Lay Ministry, please talk first with your vicar or chaplain and then, if appropriate, come along to one of our information evenings to find out more. Please contact to find out when the next 'Am I called to be ordained' event is.