Leadership Development and Headship Appointment

Note that ALL PQHs are currently offered with free course fees to ALL CE schools in the Diocese of Bristol.

This includes NPQs in Middle Leadership, Senior Leadership, Headship and Executive Leadership. The special CofE PQH that gives a full NPQH and support for being a headteacher in a church school. As a leader of a Church of England school or somebody whose practice and leadership resonate with Christian values, we want you to experience life in all its fullness (John, 10:10) and enable your staff and children to do the same. See https://www.cefel.org.uk/cofepqh/ for application details.

This is an outstanding offer and may not be repeated in future years so do contact your local provider as soon as possible.

Headship appointment

This is the most crucial appointment that any Governing Body will ever make so its important for governors to lead an excellent process and encourage a quality field to apply.

The Diocese supports with all headship appointments across the whole diocese in an advisory capacity, working closely with the school governors and local authority/ academy trustto help ensure the right process, provide sample templates and activities and ensure you appoint the best possible candidate.

A diocesan officer, usually the Director of Education, provides support at all stages and is a non voting advisory member of the appointment panel. Once the candidate is appointed, the diocese will continue to support through visits, induction activities and linking with the local church leadership if required.

Please contact the Diocese at liz.townend@bristoldiocese.org or 0117 906 0100 as soon as you know a change of headteacher is happening in order that the process can be rigorous, not rushed and dates for all parties are agreed well in advance.

Headteacher Induction Pack

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