Diocesan Cycle of Prayer

Throughout the year we are committed to praying together each day for the ministry of every parish, chaplaincy, church school and area of ministry in the Diocese of Bristol, as well as for those leading in ministry, our link Dioceses in Uganda, and Anglican Bishops around the world. The new cycle of prayer also includes a prayer theme for each day of the month which repeats on a rolling basis.
We invite you to use the daily Cycle of Prayer to inform your prayers as we connect with God, each other and our communities across the diocese.
If printing to display, please upscale to A3 to ensure readability.
The information in the prayer diary is checked and updated as near as possible to the time of printing. If you have any amendments to suggest, or any other comments or queries regarding the Cycle of Prayer, please contact the Bishop of Bristol's office: sarah.beach@bristoldiocese.org
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