Counselling for clergy

Public ministry can be immensely rewarding. However, for clergy and their family, there can be tensions and conflicts which may arise. Living on the job and in a house you perhaps wouldnt have chosen, together with the lack of clearly defined time off, can all make costly demands. Clergy also face all the same personal sadness and challenge that life can bring, as those they serve. Knowing there is additional support available can make a big difference.

Professional support and counselling for clergy is available. If you think you could benefit from some professional support / counselling, contact the Ministerial Support advisors through the Ministry Development Team. They will be able to offer you a supportive ear and advice and also help you identify specific professional support you may need. They can then connect you with an appropriate professional.

Costs of counselling support for clergy

The Diocese of Bristol will pay for up to six sessions with a professional counsellor. We then ask you to touch base with your diocesan Ministerial Support contact to review the situation. If further sessions may be needed, we assess this need together and usually proceed on a contributory basis for up to six more sessions both clergy client and diocese contributing to the costs. The Diocese takes personal financial situations into consideration in this assessment.

Professional counsellors and psychotherapists used by the Diocese of Bristol

In order to be supported with some diocesan funding, all counsellors and psychotherapists working with clergy will need to be listed by the Diocese through the Ministry Development Team, showing both their professional CV and also that they are fully registered members of the BACP or the UKCP.

If clergy receive recommendations of counsellors, please check with the Ministry Development Team that they are known to the Diocese of Bristol.