Licensing of ordinands as Lay Workers

First published 8th July 2020

The Right Revd Vivienne Faull, Bishop of Bristol, licensened ten ordinands as Lay Workers on Sunday 5 July.

Bishop of Bristol to license ten soon-to-be-vicars

First published 3rd July 2020

The Right Revd Vivienne Faull, Bishop of Bristol, will license ten ordinands this Sunday 5 July, via Zoom.

Growing Faith - what next after Connected 2019?

First published 8th October 2019

At Connected 2019 this year, we focused on the key themes outlined within Growing Faith - a vision set out by the House of Bishops. 

New LLMs to be licensed this weekend

First published 16th September 2019

This year's LLM Licensing Service takes place at Bristol Cathedral on Saturday 21 September at 10.30am. This is a joyful occasion to which candidates are encouraged to invite their family and friends and members of their local church.

New course to help parishes grow young leaders

First published 10th April 2019

The Diocese of Bristol is committed to engaging with younger generations and to growing leaders of all ages to serve in both the church and the world.

Meet the CEMES workers 2017

First published 24th October 2017

The Church of England Ministry Experience Scheme (CEMES) offers year-long placements in churches around the country for young adults aged under 30.

Ordination Services 2017

First published 3rd July 2017

The weekend of the 1 July saw the ordination of nine new deacons and seven new priests to serve across our Diocese in a variety of contexts.

Jones Mutemwakwenda : God's Calling

First published 8th June 2017

My name is Jones Mutemwakwenda. I am married to Gladys with four children. I am the Priest In Charge of All Hallows Easton an Anglo Catholic Church in the heart of Bristol. We are a welcoming, all aged community drawn from the parish, the Diocese and

Ministry Experience Scheme (MES)

First published 17th May 2017

Do you want to explore whether God is calling you to ministry in the Church of England by gaining experience of what it is really like?

Connections: Growing Leaders

First published 8th May 2017

As people learn to serve and follow Christ, they will be looking for practical opportunities to use their gifts.

Aggy Palairet : God's calling

First published 21st March 2017

Hello Im Aggy; I am a mum of 2, currently a member in the Lee Abbey Knowle West small missional community and working part time for the NHS as a Clinical Data Team Co-ordinator.

Lucy Nagel: God's calling

First published 16th March 2017

Who are you, where are you and what do you do?Hi! Im Lucy, I am currently the curate at Redland Parish Church in Bristol.Being a curate means lots of different things primarily, I am training to be a vicar, but that happens in lots of different ways

Trev Meardon: God's calling

First published 16th March 2017

My name is Trev Meardon and Im currently serving my curacy in Southmead at St Stephens church. Its a great community with a variety of things going on in the church and wider community. As the curate Im trying to get involved in as much as I can to g

Sam Sheppard : God's calling

First published 16th March 2017

My name is Sam Im 22 years old and in my third year of training for ordination at Ripon College Cuddesdon. Ive come from Kingswood where Id been working with the churches in Kingswood Team Ministry, mostly with the Church plant All Souls Southey Park.

Michelle Martin : God's calling

First published 16th March 2017

My name is Michelle and I am 33 years old. I am currently the assistant curate in the East Bristol Partnership a role which I started in 2014. I work in a benefice of three different churches, joining in with the ministry and mission happening in t

Ordinations at Christ Church Clifton 2016

First published 2nd December 2016

Jill Garfitt and Richard Pendlebury were both ordained as OLM at Christ Church Clifton by Bishop Mike.

Growing leaders

First published 3rd November 2016

The Revd Becky Waring, who became vicar of St Martins Knowle earlier this year, said that she owed a lot to her first church for their willingness to take risks in giving her opportunities as she took the step towards ordained ministry.

Growing future leaders

First published 4th October 2016

The Revd Becky Waring, who became vicar of St Martins Knowle earlier this year, said that she owed a lot to her first church for their willingness to take risks in giving her opportunities as she took the step towards ordained ministry.

Thank Your Vicar Week

First published 27th July 2016

Church of England parishes and primary schools are getting Thank Your Vicar Week 16-23 October in the school or parish diary, when they will be celebrating the vital contribution their clergy make to the community.

Home sweet home

First published 20th July 2016

We spoke to the two newest members of the Property Team to find out more about what they do and why they do it. From traditional rectories to modern vicarages, clergy in the Diocese of Bristol live in a variety of different houses.

Thank Your Vicar Week

First published 19th July 2016

Church of England parishes and primary schools are getting Thank Your Vicar Week 16-23 October in the school or parish diary, when they will be celebrating the vital contribution their clergy make to the community.

The next step in answering God's call

First published 16th June 2016

The summer is an exciting time of transition within the Ministry Development department BAP candidates become ordinands; ordinands become deacons; deacons become priests; formation year students prepare to become Licensed Lay Ministers.

Invitations to Grace

First published 9th June 2016

Yesterday afternoon I was due to meet a colleague for coffee. I had rushed from one meeting to the next all morning and arrived on time to find my usually prompt colleague was not there.

Opportunities to serve

First published 31st May 2016

As we mark the beginning of Volunteer Week, the Rev Simon Jones, Team Rector at St Michael's Stoke Gifford, explains how the church found new ways of encouraging people to serve.Churches love notices!

More salt please!

First published 18th May 2016

Last week, I was talking with a candidate about the difficulties he was having with friendships.

Bristol Diocesan ministry training "sound and secure"

First published 11th May 2016

The Licensed Lay Ministry training programme in the Diocese of Bristol has been labelled sound and strategically led in its first annual Periodic External Review (PER).

Connected Conference 2016

First published 21st March 2016

On 27 April 2016, clergy, ministers and leaders from churches across the Diocese will be exploring what it means to be Connected at a special diocesan day conference event.

Do we really believe in prayer?

First published 27th January 2016

On Wednesday 23rd December, I had scheduled into my diary a day of prayer for the work of vocations across the diocese of Bristol.

Knowing me, knowing you

First published 14th January 2016

Not unsurprisingly personality and character form part of the selection criteria for ministry in the Church of England. However I also think they are also key to life and relationships.

Hearing God's Call at Christmas

First published 22nd December 2015

When you have sat through as many nativity plays as I have as a primary school teacher, a Church Families Worker,an ordained minister and a parent of three you become somewhat deaf to the incredible power of the Christmas story.

What have mega churches ever done for us!

First published 25th November 2015

For many people reading this the very concept of a mega church will have you running to your keyboards to explain that wasn't what Jesus or any of the New Testament writers had in mind when they thought about church!

The Leader as Hero

First published 27th October 2015

It is said we are shaped by our culture. If that is true then one of the strongest leadership motifs is that of the hero leader.

What's in an age?

First published 7th October 2015

I have done almost five weeks in this role, and I have already lost count of the number of rooms I've walked into where people have been barely able to contain their surprise that I am Bristol's new DDO (diocesan director of ordinands).

Called to Licensed Lay Ministry?

First published 6th October 2015

Following the wonderful licensing service at Bristol Cathedral on Saturday 26 September, we now have over 200 licensed lay ministers in the Diocese of Bristol.

Three ways to encourage new vocations

First published 9th September 2015

When Justin Welby was elected the 105thArchbishop of Canterbury in February 2013, everyone was commenting on his meteoric rise, since he had been consecrated as a bishop only 16 months earlier.

Milestones and fuelling stations

First published 9th June 2015

Vocation in any form is costly in all sorts of ways and does involve leaving things behind. Be prepared to be surprised if you genuinely open yourself up to following God's call wherever it leads.

Chris Beaumont: God's calling

First published 9th June 2015

I don't think I was prepared for how life changing it could be. There's a sense where I have been through a process of disorientation to become re-orientated in the direction that God planned.Chris Beaumont will be ordained as deaconon Saturday 5 Jul

Discerning your vocation: God's calling

First published 24th April 2015

Sunday 26 April 2015 is Vocations Sunday. Revd Nicola Stanley reflects on how we might discern a call to ministry, and importantly how we can might help others recognise their own gifts.

Is God calling you to something new?

First published 13th April 2015

Ahead of Vocations Sunday on 26 April, Revd Dr Emma Ineson considers how Jesus called Peter and how this might shed light on how he might call you.

God calls us all

First published 1st April 2015

Vocations Sunday is the day for churches to encourage everyone to reflect, discover and recognise God's call to them. The next Vocations Sunday day is 26 April 2015.

Punchline preachers stand up for Jesus

First published 12th February 2015

Clergy from across the South West took part in a special, one-day comedy workshop at the Christian Resources Exhibition in Exeter.

What is mission shaped ministry?

First published 5th February 2015

The Diocese of Bristol in partnership with other local organisations is planning a new mission shaped ministry course to start locally in the autumn.

Seeking perfection?

First published 24th January 2015

My current favourite joke: A chicken farmer is dismayed to see that his favourite chicken has stopped laying eggs. He tries everything he knows to fix the problem but no success.

MBE for first female lay minister

First published 1st January 2015

Margaret Williams, who became the Diocese of Bristol's first ever female lay minister 40 years ago, has been awarded an MBE in the Queens New Year Honours for 2015.

One Ministry

First published 17th November 2014

The mix between stipendiary, self-supporting and other forms of ordained ministry is changing, as the Church responds to fresh challenges and an evolving world.

The changing patterns of ministry

First published 17th November 2014

Earlier this year, the Diocese of Bristol appointed Rev Charles Sutton as Bishops Adviser for Self-Supporting Ministry.

Mentoring is not a one-way street

First published 13th November 2014

Paul has helped me a lot. If it weren't for him, Id be back in prison now.

New lay ministers: catalysts for hope & transformation

First published 15th October 2014

We may find we have opportunities to share the good news of Christ which come out of the blue.

Affirming ordinands in their callings

First published 9th October 2014

If there's one thing that is essential in ministry its knowing that you are in the hands of, and that you belong to, God Himself.

Celebrating Margaret's 40 years of lay ministry

First published 16th July 2014

Sunday 22nd June was a day of celebration for Margaret Williams at Christ Church, Swindon, beginning with a special service to mark 40 years of lay ministry.

Reflections on my calling

First published 9th July 2014

Am I doing something because I think it will be good for me and I want to do it, or because I know deep within myself that God is calling me?

My first year in curacy

First published 1st July 2014

Revd John Monaghan was ordained as a priest at Bristol Cathedral on Sunday 29 June by the Bishop of Bristol, Rt Revd Mike Hill.

Resources for people in ministry from Sheldon

First published 31st March 2014

The Society of Martha and Mary, Sheldon Post-Easter breaks.

Best practice for developing young leaders

First published 17th July 2013

A recent article in the Church Times highlighted some of the realities and challenges faced by church interns.

Exploring Christian leadership - Voyage 3

First published 28th April 2013

Leadership is a major focus for Bristol Diocese, not just encouraging the leaders of our churches to hone their leadership skills, but also helping all those in positions of leadership to reflect on how their faith affects, maybe even drives their leadership.

Being stretched too thin?

First published 18th April 2013

The last 3 or 4 months have been exceptionally busy. As well as doing my own job, I have also been helping to cover the job of a colleague who was away for nearly 3 months on paternity leave.

Ministers come together

First published 14th April 2013

The first round of Clergy Day Conferences and the Chrism Eucharist brought licensed ministers together to be equipped for leading in mission in March 2013.The Chrism Eucharist is the annual opportunity for both lay and ordained licensed ministers to

Ministering in the public gaze

First published 8th April 2013

Ordained and lay ministers from across the Diocese once again gathered on Maundy Thursday at Bristol Cathedral for the Chrism Eucharist and to renew their commitment to ministry.

Regular readers will probably have reali...

First published 8th October 2012

Regular readers will probably have realised already that I have very 'low brow' tastes. Not for me the leadership lessons played out in Tolstoy, Shakespeare or Cicero.

Apparently, I leak quite badly in meetings...

First published 5th September 2012

Apparently, I leak quite badly in meetings. My new colleague, Becky Waring, is a great observer of human nature and revealed this fact to me after a recent meeting.

Who watches the watchman?

First published 23rd May 2012

Who watches the watchman? This is the motto written on the side of Commander Vimes' truncheon in the Discworld novels written by Terry Pratchett.

Yesterday evening I watched 'The Devil ...

First published 2nd May 2012

Yesterday evening I watched 'The Devil wears Prada' - yes, I know I'm a long way behind the rest of the world but I didn't think it would be a film I would enjoy.

I was chatting with Tim Harle recently, ...

First published 12th March 2012

I was chatting with Tim Harle recently, one of the leaders of the Voyage Leadership Programme, and we were reflecting on how few female writers on leadership there are.

Lay Ministers encouraged to preach a radical message

First published 20th February 2012

Around 350 people joined Bishop Lee in the Bristol Cathedral on Saturday 18th February to witness the licensing of nine new lay ministers and the welcome of another new lay minister from Oxford Diocese.

I am becoming more convinced that 'lead...

First published 24th January 2012

I am becoming more convinced that 'leadership' is the combination of 3 things.

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