"The Holy Spirit is working in our lives today" - confirmations at Bristol Cathedral

First published 7th December 2021

On Sunday 5 December, the Rt Revd Vivienne Faull, Bishop of Bristol, confirmed a group of 23 people at a service held at Bristol Cathedral.

Sandra, one of the adults who was confirmed, said: "It was a beautiful service. It was so tranquil that it didn't feel like there was anyone else there in the cathedral."

Lynne, who was also confirmed, said: "It was an amazing experience. The bishop looked into my eyes and I knew this was for me."

James, a congregation member, said: "The whole service, as well as what the bishop said, was about the Holy Spirit. It confirmed that the Holy Spirit is working in our lives today."

Revd Lydia Morey, interim priest-in-charge of St Peter’s Penhill and St Philip’s Upper Stratton, said: "It was a very special day for us, as we took a whole coach load of people from our parishes (Shine Pinehurst, St. Peter Penhill, St. Philip Upper Stratton) to the cathedral. The cathedral space was amazing and the whole service was very meaningful. Several parishoners spoke of how they felt it was a moment 'just for them' during the service. It will be a day of joy and celebration that will long live in the memory of our parishes."

During confirmation, a person confirms the promises they made when they were baptised (or that were made for them if they were baptised as a baby). The bishop lays hands on the person’s head, and asks God’s Holy Spirit to dwell in their hearts, equipping them to journey deeper into the way of Jesus Christ.

Congratulations to those who were confirmed!

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