Pray for toddler groups

First published 25th May 2018
Just imagine if your church discovered a way to effectively engage with over 50% of the local community. Just imagine if half of the young families in your area came along every week. 

You'd notice, wouldnt you?

Well, in many churches in the UK they already do!

Research has shown that 52% of the UKs under-5s attend a church-based toddler group. Thats around2 million children who regularly go somewhere warm and safe to play, but they are not the only ones who benefit as the church engages with and supports their parents and carers through these groups also.

In the Diocese of Bristol 53% of parishes run a toddler group and over 1000 toddlers and babies attend!

Recent research has highlighted the significance of this opportunity and makes five main recommendations associated with the mission opportunities for toddler groups:

Love and serve young families
Be distinctively Christian
Nurture faith journeys
Build the church community
Support toddler group leaders

To highlight the importance of this mission opportunity, June is designated The National Month of Prayer for Toddler Groups.

This is an initiative of 1277 Make Them Count, the National Network of Toddler Groups with a Christian Ethos. On average a UK child has just 1,277 days between birth and starting nursery education - and 1277 exists to support churches to make them count.

Ideas and resources can be found on the 1277 NMOP Facebook page here.
Or at the 1277 website here.

Why not invite your toddler group leaders and volunteers up during an upcoming service, bless them from their ministry and pray for them in their roles.

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