North Wiltshire Deanery supporting education in Kigezi

First published 31st March 2009
When Chris Dobson and a team from Bristol Diocese went out to Uganda in January they took with them a gift of 300 from North Wiltshire Deanery to purchase books for Lake Bunyonyi Secondary School. Philip Rowe (Vicar of Almondsbury and Olveston) ventured out into Kampala with the job of finding the right bookshop and negotiating the sale.

The mission was successful and the books were duly delivered to Kigezi, where the Bishop, George Katwesigye, handed them to Rev. Amos Anyongyere - the Chaplain of the School.

Canon Stanley Byomugabi writes:

"Praise God! Please, convey our gratitude to Bishop Mike of Bristol for the friendship he has with our Bishop George of Kigezi."

This article originally went out attributed to Kingswood and South Gloucester Deanery.  Apologies to all concerned (Editor).

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