Please pray for those to be ordained next month - here's Rev Ruth's Story

First published 26th June 2022

Praying for those to be ordained - Rev Ruth's Story

Rev Ruth Harding will be ordained as a Priest on Saturday 2nd July and will be Assistant Curate in the Benefice of Frenchay and Stapleton.

Please read Rev Ruth’s story below:

“I was given a card at my deaconing that quoted Father Hughson - ‘The greatest saint is unfit for the service of God - God does not choose what is fit but he chooses’.

“I entered curacy with a mix of feelings, but mainly feeling like I wasn’t ready. And I still feel the same a lot of the time. There are times when I feel that I know what I’m doing (thanks to my training) and other times when I really don’t.

"But that is good, as it reminds me that my ministry is in God’s strength. I am grateful to my family and friends for their support, and to the Benefice of Frenchay and Stapleton, who have shown me love, grace, encouragement and patience and have let me grow and flourish in my new position amongst them. To God be the Glory.”

Look out for tomorrow's story!

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