Jimmy Rocks, an evangelist at heart

First published 13th July 2011

Jimmy Rocks is an Ordained Pioneer Minister at St Michael's Stoke Gifford and is motivated by a desire that others may come to know Jesus Christ as he did.

As a child and teenager Jimmy Rocks had what he calls "a rocky time". He was excluded from school twice and ended up at a school for excluded children.

"I really struggled with questions of purpose and identity - why am I on this planet? I had really low self-esteem."

But when he came to know God at the age of 16, that changed.

"When I got to know Jesus, all of a sudden I had this desire to do what God wanted me to do with my life. I went from this place of not knowing God, to discovering that He was real, that He loved me, that He was for me."

It is that realisation that drives him as a minister in His Church.

"My passion is to help others to come to know the Lord as well. Im an evangelist at heart and love seeing people get to know Jesus and the difference he makes in our lives. I hope to be part of people getting to know Him for the first time or in a much deeper and fuller way."

Jimmy is married to Katia, from Brazil, where they started married life together and they have a young daughter, Joanna, "who is a tremendous blessing to us and a constant source of joy and amusement."

"Thank God and the Church for those whose lives have been an example and inspired me to get closer to Jesus, and those who have believed in, released and supported me as I have sought to follow God's call on my life. I believe that God has good plans and purposes for all of us and we should spur each other on to be who God has made us to be."


Watch Jimmy Rocks talk about experiences of healing in Uganda:

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