New Stewardship and Fundraising guides

First published 25th September 2018

Three newly published guides are available to support your church's stewardship and fundraising activities:

1. How to... encourage generous giving:

A helpful guide to discerning and articulating your church's vision, building a sound understanding of the theology of generosity, planning a stewardship campaign, and introducing the Parish Giving Scheme.

2. How to... fundraise for your church project:

Clear, practical guidance on identifying the most appropriate funders, and writing a concise cover letter, a clear statement of need and completing application processes correctly.

3. How to... develop a fundraising strategy:

For larger, more complex projects it is important to develop and communicate a funding plan. This guide takes you through this process step-by-step, and helps you to implement the plan once it's developed.


Find out more on our dedicated Church Stewardship page, and Fundraising page.  

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