Letter from Kigezi

First published 10th August 2013
Following a recent trip to Uganda Shirley Danby received good news from Kigezi Diocese:

Dear the Rev Dr. Shirley Danby,

Christian greetings to you in His Name.

I hope all is well with you ,the team that  you came with to Uganda and the entire Christians in Bristol. We pray for you and particularly for our link.

I have been away for almost a month visiting schools  and carrying out pastoral counselling to teachers and learners. Government has not paid salary for some teachers for the last three months and these need our encouragement and speaking aloud fro them to the government offices responsive. 41 schools have been visited and inspected. I had to stay away for  two nights to visit three schools that are very far from roads. Surprisingly not even Government Education officers ever visit them.

It is difficult to reach to some of these  schools but a joy to see these innocent children of God when you reach them.Continue praying for us. You may have heard also that  the new Bishop to replace the current one has been named. He is Rev Canon George Bagamuhunda who was once the coordinator of water and sanitation on our Diocese but now is a Provincial secretary in the Archbishop's office Kampala. He will be enthroned on 19th September,2014.

Continue praying for us as we too pray for you.

Extend our sincere love from us here to your husband and to all people  that are linked to us.



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