Free trial of contactless payment device for churches

First published 24th April 2019

GoodBox and Christian Aid are offering churches the opportunity to start offering contactless giving without any cost.

The contactless payment provider GoodBox has partnered with Christian Aid for a fundraising initiative, with GoodBox providing 500 of its GBx Core contactless payment devices to churches for a two-month period. The units will be offered free of charge with all funds* raised going to Christian Aid.

What's the deal?
From 1 June, churches will have the chance to buy the device at a 100 reduction from the normal price. Payment can be made as a one off or as an instalment plan over 12 to 24 months. This initiative means churches will have the opportunity to trial the device first before deciding to purchase it, and if they do decide to purchase it, they can buy it at this discounted rate.

Churches interested in responding to Christian Aids invitation can do so on the Parish Buying website. Parishes will need to register with Parish Buying in order to apply to take part.

The GBx Core
The GBx Core is a new release from GoodBox. It can record payments offline, thereby solving any issues that some churches may have around not having connectivity or a mobile phone signal, and is battery powered. The touch screen is large and can be customised for specific messaging and the church's name, image etc. For an additional cost It can be made portable with a handle which extends battery life to 12 hours.

The criteria for churches wishing to participate is:

  • A working plug socket near to where they wish to place the unit (to recharge the unit)
  • WiFi or a mobile phone signal available in the church or nearby
  • A passion for raising money for crisis causes supported by Christian Aid
  • An interest in introducing contactless giving in their church
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