Called to service

First published 5th August 2014

It felt amazing that I could do something, not for myself, but in the service of Christ


Well, I believe that I have always had faith in God but it really became apparent when I was 13 and felt that I wanted to turn to Christ as Lord and have a relationship with God.

So a few months later I became baptised into the CofE. Being baptised felt great and the I felt the Holy Spirit work in me as the months progressed.

First of all it felt amazing that I could do something, not for myself, but in the service of Christ. I knew that the holy spirit was working within me as the months progressed because I felt that I was closer with God through my baptism and confirmation. I was serving before this but I felt that then I could not give it up, even when times were tough, because it was a calling from Christ and I knew then that everything would be OKif I put my trust in God.

Having faith and a relationship with God has changed my life unimaginably. I have met some amazing, inspirational people along the way. I have recently become involved with the company of servers in Bristol and have become a youth leader in a youth group. I believe Christ has called me to complete these things and many more things for Him in order to proclaim the gospel and the good news through all the earth. And God has given me so many things to be thankful for; a great family, great friends and a great church to go to and worship the great God.

I felt that I wanted a deeper relationship with Christ and therefore I became confirmed in 2010, after thinking and building a relationship with God for many months before this. After serving for many months at the altar I felt that it was the right time for me to become confirmed. I wanted and said,"Yes I want a relationship with God through Jesus Christ." So here I am and I have been confirmed for nearly four years now.

I believe that we are all called at one time or another to serve God. In this way we enable others to see the very nature of God through our lives.



About the author

Kevin Rice is a Server at St Gregory the Great, Horfield.

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