Lee Barnes

First published 22nd June 2010

Lee Barnes was ordained Deacon in 2009 and ordained Priest a year later. He is a curate at Malmesbury. Here he shares with us the joy of being a "work in progress".

Years ago when I was a young man hitch-hiking around Australia if someone had said to me In 2009 you will be getting ordained, be married and have two children, I would probably have said something not printable in this context. But Jesus has led me on an adventure to this point (with all its joys and sorrows)!

I have grown through so many different experiences, contexts, people and I know that my story has a long way to go. I am so thankful to the support of family and people along the way (the list would be too long!) and Christian communities (ECFC & St. Marys). Finally, I want to thank my wife who has put up with, at times, a nightmare-man but has been and is up for all that lies ahead. Our family will try our best to follow God as we join his story at Malmesbury Abbey!

One year on, Lee compares his physical journeys across the USA and Australia with his spiritual ones.

I remember many years ago hitching through California and, after a bad day, sitting at Monterey Bay. It was stormy and atmospheric / exciting and daunting and I made the decision to hitch in a different direction.

My life with Jesus has been similar. After a very bad day in Darwin I faced Jesus and gave my life to him. It was stormy and atmospheric / exciting and daunting and took me in a new direction.

As I enter into this next stage of the journey through ordination as a Priest I am reminded that I am no different to you reading this. I am just a person who has given my life to Jesus and asks him to lead me and he has led me to this precious calling.

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