Independent survey to explore attitudes towards the C of E in the Diocese

First published 20th May 2024

Meaningful Measures Ltd, an independent research company, is conducting a comprehensive survey aimed at understanding people’s views of the Church of England within the local community, and the use of local church spaces. The survey is being conducted in Bristol, South Gloucestershire, North Wiltshire and Swindon which is the area covered by the Diocese of Bristol. It hopes to reach a wide audience, especially communities that may not be involved with the Church in any way, to ensure that diverse perspectives on this important topic are heard.

The survey, commissioned by the Diocese of Bristol as part of a wider strategy, seeks to understand what people think of the work of the churches in their local area and how well they support the local community – from provision of community groups and community cafes, local social action or provision of worship services. The survey will also seek to understand what other ways churches can be used and shed light on factors that may make it harder for people to use local church spaces. The information gathered will inform ideas on how local churches can better support and strengthen communities and social action in the local area.

Dr Marie Polley, Co-founder of Meaningful Measures Ltd, highlighted the need for the survey, stating: "Previous surveys regarding attitudes towards the Church of England have not been focused on the general public and what people think about the wider use of churches to support the community. Conducting this survey will provide valuable insights that can inform future planning and initiatives."

Harrison Leonard, Diocesan Director of External Relations, emphasised the importance of this research, stating: "Understanding how people use church spaces and their views on how else churches can support community activities, is crucial for us to better support the life of our parishes and build strong connections with local communities. We want our parishes to reflect the diversity of the wider community and ensure that everyone feels welcome and included."

The survey is now open until 30 June 2024 and allows the opportunity for one entrant to win a £100 voucher for a supermarket of their choice.

For more information about the survey, please contact, or to complete the survey, follow the link below.

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