Five Must-Do Giving Ideas for 2021

First published 19th January 2021

  1. Introduce or refresh an offertory moment in online services. If you haven’t been doing this already, then get this going as soon as you can, as giving to God is such an important part of our discipleship and worship. And even if you have been doing this, you might like some new ideas. The Diocese of York has some good suggestions.
  2. Set up unmanned contactless giving while the church is open for prayer but not services. This will also stand you in good stead when services start again. It could be easier than you think – a poster with a QR code to a simple online page will take just a few minutes, and registering for this via SumUp is an easy, quick process.
  3. Ask and you will receive! We’ve been hearing so many stories of generosity in charities and churches across the UK during the pandemic. While some people are sadly struggling financially, others have more spare money than usual and are desperate to help. A sensitive ask may well surpass your expectations. The National Church have produced customisable videos which you can use to make an ask to your congregations.
  4. Get ahead of the game by registering for PGS. We’re expecting a large number of parishes to register when PGS finally goes online later this year – so by registering now, you can avoid the queue. Whether or not you’re registered, you must make sure that your ‘A Church Near You’ webpage is up to date.
  5. Use the lockdown as a chance to review your giving. Now might be a good time to read through the planning section of your Church Fundraising Handbook. Or you could go through the new Giving Review for some fresh ideas, either on your own, or with your PCC. You probably have a budget for the year – but have you got a longer term maintenance budget too?

And one last bonus tip – don’t forget to share your years of experience (and ask some questions too) on the Parish Finance Forum!

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