Diocese of Bristol Academies Trust Announcement

First published 12th January 2024

The Diocese of Bristol Academies Trust (DBAT) has announced that it will be merging all of its schools with a small number of well-matched academy trusts in the area, in partnership with the Regional Director for the Department of Education. The primary schools and secondary school of the trust will transfer over the next year or so to geographically local trusts that demonstrate strong expertise and track record in school improvement and a commitment to the flourishing of all, thus sustaining their Christian character and deep connections to local communities.

This decision has been made as part of the Diocesan Board of Education (DBE) Academisation strategy to enable the children within all Church of England schools across the diocese to be, in time, in the right trust home for all to thrive. Each church school in DBAT and all church schools across the diocese will be supported to live up to their Christian foundation and enhance learning by contributing to and benefitting from being part of a developing landscape of robust, inclusive and diverse trusts.

The Diocesan Director of Education, Liz Townend said:

"Over many years, the Diocese of Bristol Academies Trust has had a strong track record of improving vulnerable schools. We are now in a season of severe financial constraint on all academy trusts nationally and it is clear that schools need to be collaborating formally to maximise the opportunities for children and young people to thrive.

We are taking this opportunity to merge with robust trusts with strong track records of school improvement, staff and pupil welfare where the Christian character of diocesan church schools will be sustained and continue to grow, seeking to show God’s transforming love in their school and wider communities."

Read the full statement from DBAT: Trust Update 12 January

For comments and enquiries, please contact the DBAT office at: enquiries@dbat.org.uk

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