David Stevens, a life transformed, even until death

First published 17th January 2012

Over the last year, David Stevens has shared how God transformed his life in a series of videos, right up to the point of his death this month.

The series of short films combines to give a moving, inspiring and deeply personal account of how one man discovered what it means to follow Christ.

A cocaine dealer and addict in London, David recalls how he prayed a desperate prayer and, in his weakness, began to receive a longing for God.

When he read the Bible for the first time, he felt somehow a little different: changed, transformed."

What was going on for me was what [I read] in the Bible about change, transformation and love and there being this benevolent force who loved me Jesus Christ.

The videos are just a glimpse of one Christian disciple. In churches across the Diocese, there are ordinary people like David for whom God has made an extraordinary difference.

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