Latest Stewardship and Giving News - May 2019

First published 24th April 2019
Churches, chapels and meeting houses are 'treasure houses' of heritage, history and community. Through ExploreChurches, the National Churches Trust aims to develop a high quality resource for visitors and churches alike. 

The potential for churches to attract visitors and for visits to be enjoyable and worthwhile is huge. The UK has a wonderful national collection of churches, chapels and meeting houses peppered across the countryside and nestling in our towns. Perhaps this is why visiting churches (both old and new) is one of the most popular pastimes in the country, and such sites also attract foreign visitors. 

They would like to include all churches, chapels and meeting houses that are open for visitors (even if this is only during specific hours or on certain days). All you need to do is complete their online form.

Heritage Open Day 2019

Would you church like to welcome visitors on the 2019 Heritage Open Day? Every September some 40,000 volunteers across England organise 5,000 events to celebrate our fantastic history and culture. It's your chance to see hidden places and try out new experiences all of which are free to explore.

To sign up your church, visit the Heritage Open Day website.

A Church Near You
If all you need is a simple church website, you can now use the Church of Englands free A Church Near You website to create your own simple church webpages.

If you want to keep your own web address, you can make it forward to the new ACNY site, but you would only need to pay for the domain name, and not website hosting. Find out more about how it could help you.

Advice forum for treasurers
There is a free dial-in advice forum for treasurers from Stewardship on 9 May.

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