Church Schoolmasters and Schoolmistresses' Benevolent Institution

First published 20th October 2015

The CSSBI is a charity that provides financial support forteachers, both current and former, at the point of need.

Since the first meeting in 1857 when a benevolent fund was established, the CSSBI has supported Church of England teachers who 'fell on hard times'. Today the CSSBI is actively looking for those individuals from all Christian denominations whowould benefit from theirsupport.

CSSBI have grants available for individuals who meet thebasic eligibility requirements, which are:

A resident in England or Wales
A member of the Church of England or another recognised Christian denomination
Teacher or lecturer, both current and former, or their immediate family, suffering significant financial hardship
Be able to provide details of 2 named referees to confirm your educational and Church connections.

Some of the grants awarded include:

Repairs to guttering, window frames and repainting walls to weatherproof the exterior of house.
Grant towards removal costs, deposit for rent on new home and daughters new school uniform.
Replacement hob and oven.

Gas boiler service and new bedding for bed.
Rendering two chimney stacks and new PVC-u front door.
Grant for payment of outstanding bills up to admission into a nursing home.

To view the full list of awarded grants, click here.

To apply for a grant, click here.

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