Church's ministry of healing

What is the Church's ministry of healing? 

The Church's healing ministry is for everyone. We all need healing in some way. Through the healing ministry, Jesus Christ meets us at our point of need. Every form of suffering can be helped in some way through this ministry. 

In the Diocese of Bristol, the healing ministry is a resource that can be used by parishes to develop a greater awareness of the power of healing and to make it a part of your own church ministry. The diocesan group is chaired by the Bishops Advisor for the Church's Ministry of Healing. There is also a national Healing Ministry Hub, of which the Diocese of Bristol is a part.

What does the ministry of healing do?

By caring, enabling and supporting local churches ministries, it helps to facilitate and encourage the ministry of wholeness and healing in the diocese.

What does it offer?

  • Backup and training for parishes and sectors to develop ministries of wholeness and healing;
  • Information and advice concerning wholeness and healing;
  • An annual conference which is open to everyone who is interested in the healing ministry; and
  • Growth and development of the ministry of healing in parishes by communicating and co-operating with other dioceses and Christian denominations.

You can find more information relating to the Church's ministry of healing by following the links and resources below. 

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For any enquiries relating to the church's ministry of healing, please contact the Ministry Development Team.

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