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The HR team is a Diocesan Support Services function that deals with people and is here to help. The team provides support for diocesan recruitment, training, development and human resources legal compliance. Additionally the team provides resources and signposting for parishes regarding employment matters. You can find these resources below:

Policies and Procedures

Absence Management Policy

The intention is to set reasonable standards of attendance.  Aims to minimise employee absence levels in a supportive Environment.
Two categories of absence; Short term as assessed via the Bradford Factor Score and Long Term categorised as being beyond 4 weeks.
Absence Policy and Procedure template for parishes
Absence Management FAQ's for parishes

Adoption Leave Policy

Sets out the Contractual and Statutory Adoption Leave rights for eligible employees.
Adopter entitled to unpaid time off. Leave and Pay replicate Maternity Policy.
Adoption leave template for parishes

Annual Leave Policy

Summarises the Annual Leave that all employees of your organisation are entitled to during their employment.
Annual Leave Policy template for parishes

Appeal Policy

Sets out the Employees right to appeal against a management decision in relation to termination, disciplinary sanctions, outcomes of a grievance or Bullying &Harassment process, and refusal of Flexible working process.
Appeal Policy template for parishes

Dignity at Work Policy (B&H Policy)

Sets out the Organisation’s intention to eradicate all forms of harassment and bullying at work (including at work-related events off site) and to support and maintain dignity at work for everybody.
Dignity at Work Policy template for parishes

Disciplinary Policy

Provides a framework for dealing with staff conduct which falls below the expected standards. Not performance related, which falls under the Performance Improvement plan.
Disciplinary Policy template for parishes

Flexible Working Policy

 All employees have a statutory right to Request flexible working, and organisations should try to accommodate where possible. However, there is not an automatic right for an employee to work flexibly if it does not meet the needs of the Organisation.
Flexible Working Policy and Procedure template for parishes

Grievance Policy

The purpose of this policy is to provide a clear and transparent framework to deal with concerns, problems or complaints raised by employees in the course of their employment.
Grievance Policy  template for parishes


This policy sets out the contractual and statutory maternity rights for eligible employees wishing to take maternity leave.
Maternity Policy template for parishes

Performance Improvement Policy
A constructive framework to address, identify and resolve any areas of concern relating to an individual’s performance and to ensure that any action taken is fair and consistent. The focus is to support employees in improving or restoring satisfactory standards of performance Managers will attempt to resolve performance issues through informal discussions and support.  If informal approaches do not remedy poor performance, the formal stages of the policy will be invoked.
Performance Improvement Policy template for parishes

Shared Parental Leave

Designed to give more flexibility in sharing the care of a child in the first year after birth or adoption. Parents/partners will be able to share a “pot” of leave, and can decide to be off work at the same time and/or take it in turns to have periods of leave to look after the child.
Shared Parental Leave template for parishes

Speaking Out (whistle-blowing)

Ensures your organisation is committed to developing a culture of openness and accountability and takes all forms of alleged malpractice, fraud, corruption or abuse very seriously. Encourages staff to come forward and raise concerns.
Speaking Out Policy for template for parishes

Special Leave Policy

This policy recognises that there may be occasions when employees need to take time off work for reasons that do not necessarily fall under normal leave provisions. A range of special leave options are summarised to help employees achieve an appropriate balance between their work and personal commitments.
Special Leave Policy and Procedure template for parishes

Special leave includes:
Bereavement of a close relative
Emergency leave
Essential civic and public duties
Parental Leave
Service in the Reserve Forces
Jury Service and attendance in court as a witness
Gender Reassignment
Medical /Dental Appointments
Scheme to support involvement in the Community
Disruptions to Travel (Including extreme weather) & Office Closure
Time off for Blood donation
Time off for Fertility treatment

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