Statistics for Mission

We are always aware, as are the Church of England Statistics Team, that behind every statistic captured by the national churches annual return, is a human being encountering and worshipping God.

It is because of this that we encourage all churches to record as accurately as possible as a Pastoral Care priority recognising the national significance of the information being entered.


Parish Returns

Every year parishes are asked to enter their attendance data via the online system, submitting their information by the 31st January.
The information doesn't need to be entered all in one go, the system is open to accept Easter attendance date immediately after Easter itself. The system is very user friendly and a user guide is available to answer any questions you may have about the questions being asked. If you require access, or need to set up new or additional accounts for your parish, then please contract the Diocesan office.

If you are unable to complete the return online, a paper form can be requested and returned to the Diocesan office.

If you would like more information about Statistics for Mission you can read our guide 'How to...Complete a Statistics for Mission annual return' here.


Monitoring Attendance

We have produced an Excel Spreadsheet that could assist you with recording and monitoring attendance at services and support you to complete your Stats for Mission returns at the end of the year. You can download it here.


Charts and Dashboards

The online Parish Returns system also allows you to view charts and download dashboard overviews of the information you have entered. This enables you to see trends and to reflect on future opportunities opening up to you. (Click 'View data' in the menu at the top of the Parish Returns system screen).


As ever, we are grateful for the efforts of so many people in each of our parishes for the work undertaken in seeking to make the annual returns as accurate as possible.