Our vision and priorities

The Church of England in our region is shaping a new vision and set of priorities for the coming years. We want to understand what we do well, what we can change for the better and how to create a positive way forward together.

This year-long process is called Transforming Church. Together.

We began with conversations – with communities, congregations, clergy, church leaders, and staff. Between February and April 2021 we talked with and listened to lots of different people, both within and outside the church. 

We listened carefully to understand what each other think and feel about God and the Church of England, but also about our communities, society and the world.

The aim is to be relentlessly inclusive in our approach and we have been committed to listening to voices that we don’t often hear, opinions that we find difficult and those that challenge the status quo.

We have now begun the process of identifying and articulating the vision, values and themes that have emerged, and developing and agreeing priorities. We will have developed and agreed a plan for the implementation of the transformation programme by the end of this year.

Thank you to everyone who completed our survey, took part in our workshops, shared our communications, and helped us to shape our future.


God of the Way, you call us to leave familiar places and to set out on new paths. 

Enlarge our vision of your work in the communities we serve, speak to us through the people we encounter, and open our hearts to your love.

Give us courage and boldness to engage together in this time of prayer and discernment; and by your Holy, life-giving and creative Spirit, renew your church in prayer and service, and in sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ, in whose name we pray. Amen.