SIAMS resources

This page contains information, guidance, resources and inspiration for those involved in preparing for the statutory inspection of our schools.

More details about inspections can be found at…. SIAMS School Inspections | The Church of England

The National Society

Download the SIAMS Handbook (annotated copy to see September 2021 changes)

SIAMS inspection information for schools

'Courageous Advocacy' - The term ‘courageous advocacy’ is the only new concept in the 2018 SIAMS schedule. This document is offered as a guide and a support to help schools, school leaders and SIAMS inspectors to explore the concept of courageous advocacy and what that might mean in the unique context of each school.

CE Spiritual Development

Collective Worship Guidance

Rethinking resilience SIAMS 2019

SIAMS Methodist Appendix

SIAMS Mental Health and Wellbeing

RE Statement of Entitlement for Church Schools

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