Home schooling


A warm welcome to all families involved in education outside the classic school setup.

We want all children and young people to flourish in community, regardless of the places where their education happens. Do look at the pages on our Education website which explains our vision for ‘life in all its fullness’. It’s a vision for all human beings to thrive alongside each other, whoever they are and wherever they live and learn.

Every few weeks we send out a newsletter and other communications to those in schools. We have now started a newsletter with information suitable for those choosing Elective Home Education. While some of the articles we include from others include quite a school centric language, we hope you will find the contents accessible providing benefit for you and your family. Please click here to access our resources

 Please don’t hesitate to make contact with us if we can support you through training events, face to face and online,  more resources including some for lockdown, links to churches and other events.

We look forward to hearing from you.


Home Schooling
Open Home Schooling