Bishop's Council

The Bishop's Council is the senior committee of the diocese. It is responsible for considering matters of policy; advising the Diocesan Bishop, and determining how matters should be taken forward to the Diocesan Synod for further consideration. The Bishops Council acts in several different capacities:

As the Standing Committee of Diocesan Synod, the Council:

  • Advises the Bishop in Council
  • Prepares agendas for the Diocesan Synod (delegated to the Business Committee)
  • Develops policy for the Synod to debate
  • Receives tasks from the Synod

As the Directors and Trustees of the DBF it:

  • Is responsible for central diocesan finances
  • Approves the DBF's budget and the annual Report and Accounts before presentation to Synod
  • Is responsible for complying with legislation

As the Diocesan Mission and Pastoral Committee it:

  • Has oversight of Diocesan Deployment
  • Considers and authorises pastoral schemes
  • Interacts with the Deanery Pastoral Committees


The following people currently represent the Diocese of Bristol at theBishops Council (from 1 January 2019):

The President Rt Revd Vivienne Faull
The Suffragan Bishop Rt Revd Dr Lee Rayfield
The Archdeacons Ven Neil Warwick
Ven Christopher Bryan
The Dean Very Revd Dr Mandy Ford
The Chairman of DBF Mr Andrew Lucas
The Vice-Chairman of DBF Mr Edward Buchan
Elected Clergy   
Chair of House of Clergy Revd Canon Raymond Adams
  Revd Trudie Wigley
  Revd Kat Campion-Spall
Elected Laity  
Chair of House of Laity Mr Bruce Finnamore
  Prof David Clarke
  Canon Nick Orman
   Mrs Kate Davison
  Mrs Chris Dursley
  Mr John Sunderland