Living in Love and Faith

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Questions of identity, sexuality, relationships and marriage affect everyone, both inside and outside the church. As Christians, we have good news to share: we are all made in God’s image and equally loved by God. But we also have different views and experiences about these things. These questions of faith, identity, gender and sexuality are felt very deeply and can be difficult to talk about. Many churches are reluctant to address these topics but we must begin to talk openly and freely.

Commissioned and led by the Bishops of the Church of England, Living in Love and Faith (LLF) is about encouraging the whole church to think more deeply about identity, sexuality, relationships and marriage in the bigger context of being human. It is an invitation to people, whatever their background and experience, to think more deeply about what it means to be human and to live in love and faith together. It’s about understanding different perspectives and each other better. 

We hope it will change the way people relate to, understand and love each other in the church, even when we disagree. In a local context, it is about committing to a five-week or five-session course designed to help people to listen and learn together.

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The LLF Advocates are acutely aware of the significance of prayer in this process. Here is one prayer which we hope you might find helpful:

Merciful and Holy Lord
Your Son taught us that the truth will set us free,
and that if the Son should set us free
we shall be free indeed.

We acknowledge that on issues of human identity and sexuality
we have struggled to be of one mind
and have often disowned or disrespected others.

In the journey we are now making with Living in Love and Faith,
we ask for ears to hear one another well and to speak with respect and kindness.
Above all may we honour you
and discern what your Spirit is saying to us
in faithfulness to the one who remains
the Way, the Truth and the Life.
May this be to your glory, now and forever. Amen