Design a stole

Minety CE VC Primary School
Rvd Sarah Wyman
Minety, North Wiltshire

An immediate and fun introduction to Christian symbolism, Anglican liturgy and the role of a minister. As a newly ordained curate who had already worked in the school for a number of years, Sarah asked a Year 6 class to design her stole for use at school services and assemblies.

To design this red stole, Sarah spoke to the class about the colours symbolic value in Christian tradition. They talked about Pentecost and the Holy Spirit, and about Remembrance. Each child then drew pictures representing the Holy Spirit. By getting to grips with symbols, children like the rest of us attain to a deeper level of understanding than is possible through surface talk.

This exercise was inexpensive but the result is impressive. It has given the school a sense of ownership toward Sarahs role as its minister, as well as strengthening its relationship with her as a person. The stoles use in collective worship gives the school a unique connection to the wider church.