Vision, purpose, values

We discerned these through prayer and having conversations with many groups of people. We will be sharing these with people across the diocese and exploring what they mean over the next few months. Download our leaflet on our vision, mission and values.

Our vision

Humanity reconciled, creation restored. 

Our purpose

To follow Jesus. To serve others. To transform communities. 

Our values

Openness, Generosity, Creativity, Bravery. Watch a video about our values here


We value openness and are loving and open to all. Our behaviour is welcoming – we want to be a safe, accessible, kind and welcoming space for everyone. We want our communities to feel embraced, their diverse needs met, and for them to benefit from a long-term relationship based on acceptance and love for people as God made them 


We value generosity and receive and give sincerely. We give our time and resources to share what we know of Jesus' love. We want our communities to feel supported and cared for in the way Jesus would do, to experience God’s love through our action and an opportunity to journey into faith if they choose.


We value creativity and we cooperate with the work of the Spirit. We are faithful, rooted in faith and responsive to the Spirit. Our communities feel inspired - this is bold and joyful faith, work and worship that engages us all. We want our communities to experience a variety in projects and worship styles, celebrating tradition and innovation in connection to God.


We value bravery - we are courageous with our voices and our actions. We acknowledge and learn from our past and actively effect positive change in the world. We want our communities to feel empowered as they are listened to, supported, and partnered with in seeking transformational change. The collective voices and actions of our community will help to bring about transformational change.

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