Working groups

Church composition and disposition

What sort of churches do we need and where do we need them?

Christopher Bryan (Leader)
Neil Warwick
Martin Gainsborough
Trudie Wigley 
Joel Sales
Matthew Hall
Mark Pilgrim 

Supporting low-income communities 

Direct support and better engagement

Martin Gainsborough (Leader)
Bishop Lee 
Andy Murray
Simon Halls
Melanie Otto
Leanne Parkes
Becky Waring
Toria Moore

Increasing under 25’s participation  

How do we do this better?

Kat Campion-Spall (Leader)
Becky Fisher    
Liz Townend
Rob Smith
Anjali Kanagaratnam
Samuel Parkin
Simon Taylor 

Including under-represented communities  

How do we engage these groups more effectively?

Mandy Ford 
Caroline Jowett-Ive
Cathy Okoronkwo
Mary Hotchkiss
Alice Kemp
Derek Maddox
Graham Shaul

Pathways into deep, lived-out faith 

How do we support evangelism, growth in faith, and discipleship/Rule of Life which enables Christians to make a difference in the workplace, school and home?

Simon Taylor (Leader)
Christopher Bryan 
Toby Boutle
Beverley Charles
Stephanie Hayton
Ian Wallace
Lizzie Kesteven

Developing our volunteers

How do we grow our volunteer force and engage them more effectively?

Caroline Jowett-Ive (Leader)
Mary Hotchkiss
Richard Leaman
Laura Thomas
Ben Silvey
Andre Hart
Emma Murray

Clergy – releasing and ensuring wellbeing

How can we free up our clergy from their administrative burdens, and how do we improve their overall wellbeing?

Neil Warwick (Leader)
Phill Harrision
Caroline Jowett-Ive (Leader)
Jordan Ling
Charles Sutton
Anjali Kanagaratnam
Alison Rowe 
Simon Taylor

Campaigns and partnerships for change 

How can we develop our campaigning ability and who should we partner with in order to do this?

Richard Leaman (Leader)
Sally Cordwell
Paul Langham
David Stephenson 
Mark Nam
Laura Verrall-Kelly
Mike Cain
Abby Scott 

Delivering net zero 

Develop a costed plan to get us to net zero and consider how this may assist biodiversity in the diocese

Matthew Hall (Leader)
Martin Gainsborough
Mark Siddall
Emma Bakewell
David Clark 
Jonno Ball
David Bloomer
Simon Stevenette

Build income generation and ‘change delivery’ partnerships 

Expand and develop the Income Generation proposals and consider potential partners – commercial, public and third sector

Andrew Lucas (Chair of Finance) (Leader)
Bruce Finnamore 
Richard Leaman
Matthew Hall 
Richard Bacon
Clare Jefferis 
Raymond Adams
Naomi Buckler

Church property utilisation 

How can we better exploit the utility our church properties, and generate income?

Simon Pugh-Jones (Leader)
John Sunderland 
Emma Bakewell 
Michael Johnson
David Nettleton
Raymond Adams
Richard Bacon

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