Developing the strategy


These four key outcomes express where where we believe God is calling us in our mission in the coming years.

  1. To have a form of church in every community, and one church to which all can belong
  2. To have people who worship God in every aspect of their lives, and throughout their whole lives
  3. For the diocese to be recognised as a powerful force for gospel change
  4. For the diocese to have sustainable finances

Working groups

We are working out how to achieve these four outcomes, and the resources we need to do so. In January 2022, 11 working groups, made up of people from across the diocese, met to discuss what activities were needed to deliver the Diocese of Bristol’s new strategic plan. We won’t be able to do everything, so there will be trade-offs between activities; either in terms of timing or scale, but we will aim for a balance, in one coherent and affordable strategy. 

Some of the people from the working groups shared their thoughts about the process in this video.

Click here to find out more about the working groups and see the group members.

Draft strategy

A draft of the strategy was presented to Diocesan Synod on 19 March 2022 and members voted almost unanimously in favour of it. There was some active discussion which included specific endorsements of the draft from synod members, as well as comments on what might be missing and/or need greater emphasis as the strategy is refined further. Thank you for all your participation in the discussion. You can read the draft strategy here.

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