LLF Events

Online training for facilitators

As a diocese we are committed to training facilitators for LLF, who will be able to host the conversations and ensure that people are able to speak safely and in ways that allow others to hear. We want to support people to be honest and open, but in ways that are respectful of others and of the potential impact on them. 

Online training for facilitators is available on the following dates:

7 September: book
8 September: book
15 September: book
21 September: book
22 September: book

Prayer meetings

We would like to invite people to commit themselves to become LLF prayer partners who will pray regularly for every aspect of our journeying as a diocese, for those who take part in the courses, and above all for open hearts, deep compassion and a desire to hear what God is saying to his church. You will be able to join together in a number of different ways of praying, both together and in your own personal devotions.

If you would be willing to commit to praying, and would like the details of our weekly LLF Prayer Meetings each Wednesday on Zoom, please get in touch

Past events

The Diocese of Bristol held two half-day conferences to launch LLF in May 2021 - you can watch videos of the events here.