Our Vision and Approach

The Church of England Vision for Education clearly articulates the Church's involvement in education as we all seek to meet the challenges and opportunities which have arisen over the past few years. This vision embraces the spiritual, physical, intellectual, emotional, moral and social development of children and young people. It offers a vision of human flourishing for all, one that embraces excellence and academic rigour whilst setting them within this wider framework. The vision is worked out theologically and educationally through four key themes:

  • Wisdom, Knowledge and Skills
  • Hope and Aspiration
  • Community and Living Well Together
  • Dignity and Respect

A range of services, activities, resources, courses, advice and guidance is offered to our diverse range of schools to support these four key themes. 

The education team is staffed by a small but experienced staff group with a vast skill set and knowledge base. No question is too large or too small and we strive to work in partnership with those we serve, listening to needs and responding appropriately.

The team seeks to support in these main areas:

  • School Effectiveness: leadership, vision, values, pedagogy, impact, well-being and pastoral support
  • School Organisation: governance, buildings, partnerships including academies, legal and admissions
  • Church School Links: partnership awards, mentoring; parish school relationships
  • Youth and Childrens Ministry: children and youth opportunities, organised through the Parish and External Relations Team

We are very proud of the quality of our schools and education related activities,continually striving to see that all of our church schools are acknowledged as 'Good' or better by Ofsted and through SIAMS; that all schools offer and signpost to regular, distinctly Christian activities and our parish-school networks, ecumenical partnering and chaplaincy are strong and sustainable.