Mission support

Supporting you to think creatively about the mission and ministry possibilities in your parish and to work through practical options to address some of the challenges there may be when responding to these opportunities in your context.

Is your parish looking for support to help you to explore your mission response to 'Creating connections'; our Diocesan statement on our Vision, Identity and Priorities.

Perhaps you, your incumbent, PCC or mission team would benefit from a mission conversation meeting to explore the mission opportunities within your parish.

Through a 'mission conversation meeting' a facilitator will work with you to develop a broad understanding of the context of the parish, identify potential mission opportunities; suggest innovative and creative approaches to responding to those opportunities; and signpost you to possible resources that may help you.

Some of the arising ideas may be quick easy-wins, others may be more substantive projects: in either case, clear guidance and support will be offered and an easy-to-follow action plan developed for you to take forward.

Kingdom Experimentation

If you would you be interested in piloting something new and would welcome some support to try out a new idea to see if God blesses it then we would love to hear from you.
Click here to view some ideas that may be relevant to your context.

'Mission conversation meetings' are facilitated by Chris Priddy

Chris is the Head of Parish and External Relations at the Diocese, has been practically involved in the leadership teams of five very different churches and is an ordained Baptist Youth Specialist who was ordained in Swindon in 2008.

Chris is naturally creative and innovative, and a gatherer of resources. He works hard to quickly understand peoples ministry situations and the potential obstacles they face, before drawing on his experience and ideas to suggest possible alternative, creative or out of the box ideas and resources. Chris is committed to helping us to Connect with Each Other, linking people together; taking ideas from one place and translating them into an alternative context for the growth of the Kingdom of God and His mission through the church.

Chris spent 12 years working with young people in churches and through a role with Youth for Christ, also has a wealth of experience and advice to offer as we seek to engage in mission with younger generations.

To arrange 'mission conversation meeting', please contact Chris via email chris.priddy@bristoldiocese.org or at the Diocesan office on 0117 9060100.